Practice Policies


  • Appointment Times:

    • Monday through Thursday from 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm.

    • On Fridays, patients are scheduled from 8am to 12pm and 12:30pm to 2pm. 

  • No Shows and Late Cancellations:

    • We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for established patients and a 48-hour cancellation policy for new patients. There will be a $25 fee if you fail to notify us within this 24-48 hour time period. Exceptions for emergencies will be considered on an individual basis. 

  • Switching Providers within the Practice: ​

    • If you prefer a certain provider, please tell us when you schedule your first appointment so we may try to accommodate your preference. In order to have community of care, requests for switching providers will be denied unless other agreements were made ahead of time. An exception may apply, if both providers involved agree to approve this request and for geographical issues. 


  • Co-payments/Deductibles: 

    • Co-payments and deductibles are required when you check in for your appointment. Our office accepts cash, checks, and most major debit and credit cards. Please be advised that we may have to reschedule your office visit if you do not have your co-payment at the time of service. 

  • Insurance: ​

    • Our billing staff makes every effort to bill your insurance company. Please make sure to let them know if you have any changes in your insurance. If you are a self-paying patient, payment is required at the time of service. It is important for you to provide and keep our office up to date with your correct and current insurance information. If we do not have current information, we may bill and receive a denial from the insurance we have on file. Should your insurance deny a claim, you will be responsible for payment of services rendered to you at your visit. If you have Medicare, HMO, or PPO insurance, we request that you pay your co-payment or cost share when services are rendered. For Medicare patients we will file Medicare and supplemental insurance. We will waive the cost share for a period of sixty (60) days to allow the information to be received by your supplemental carrier(s) and for them to make payment. If however, payment is not received from your Medicare supplemental plan within that sixty (60) day grace period, a payment would be expected from you upon receipt of a statement. If you need further information, please contact the Billing Department at (623) 414-4053.


  • Rx Refills: If you need ​a refill on a prescription, please contact your pharmacy and allow 24 to 48 hours notice. 

  • Medication Authorization: If your physician orders certain procedures to further evaluate your condition, please keep in mind we must contact your insurance 5-7 business days to issue authorization to our office. We will contact you once we have obtained the proper authorization. 

  • Narcotics/Controlled Substances: We are not in the practice of prescribing narcotics/controlled substances. If you need certain medication for an acute or chronic condition, our providers will refer you to a pain management specialist. At certain times our providers may need to prescribe a pain reliever or a scheduled drug in the management of certain conditions. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) regulates the use of such medications and our provider's prescribing practices. 

Results of Testing

  • Please allow 4-5 business days for the results of any procedures and/or testing ordered by your physician. Our medical assistants will only notify patients of abnormal results. All other results will be discussed with your provider at your follow up visit. If you do not have a follow up appointment scheduled, please contact our office for these results or to make an appointment. 

Calling our Office

  • All telephone calls are taken at our main office location. Please direct any messages to your Physician's Medical Assistant. We make every effort to return your telephone calls the same day. Please keep in mind that the Medical Assistants are waiting for your Physician's response to your message. Some messages may be returned the following day.