Infusion Treatments 

Welcome to Valley Arthritis Care's Infusion Center. Our hope is that your experience within our infusion center is enjoyable and positive. Our registered nurses are experienced and knowledgeable in all the infusion treatment options we provide. Please let us know if you need anything to better accommodate your needs while in our center. 

We ask that family and friends remain in the lobby as the patient receiving the infusion is the only person allowed back in the Infusion Center. We have only a certain number of chairs for our infusion patients. We offer reclining chairs in both of our infusion suites equipped with a television for your enjoyment. We strive to do our best to make your visit in our department a comfortable experience. Out of respect for other patience in the Infusion Center, please refrain from talking on your cell phone and bring headphones if you plan to bring an audio device. 

Prior to your infusion: 

  • You may need to have certain testing done prior to your infusion appointment. 

  • You will be given specific instructions on what to do depending on the treatment you will be receiving. 

  • We may pre-medicate you and some medications may make you drowsy. Please have a driver available if needed. 

  • Times for your infusion will vary depending on the treatment you receive. 

  • Our Infusion Center coordinator will call you to schedule your appointment. At this time she will go over your specific instructions.